Saturday, April 18, 2009


Looking around for stuff about Wildman Steve, I found his son Eric "Fats" Gallon, who lives in Stone Mountain, GA. Fats is a bad ass drummer.

You can read more about him and his pop at his website. There's a book he's written on his life I need to pick up.

THE GOLDEN BOYS opened here this weekend.

A limited release, THE GOLDEN BOYS opened up this weekend in Hyannis, MA, NYC, Charlotte, NC and a fuckload of theaters in Florida. Apparently, it's an old-timers film. I guess I'm an old-timer at 35. I plan on seeing it tomorrow.

I haven't put anything new up in the sections lately because A) I'm lazy and B)I'm lazy. However, if you haven't poked your nose around the sections for awhile, you may find something, especially in the Miami section.

Also, Lee Madden, director of HELL'S ANGELS '69 and ANGEL UNCHAINED died. Back in the day when my friends and I used to dig through video store garbage for posters and such, we would trade posters amongst each other like baseball cards. GHOST FEVER was a running joke. "I'll trade you GHOST FEVER!"

Nobody wanted to get stuck with this poster.

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