Sunday, April 12, 2009

99 and 44/100 DEAD (1974)

Just caught this on FOX MOVIE CHANNEL in a nice widescreen print. Didn't fucking record it though. I hope they show it again because it was a blast.

Richard Harris as Harry Crown is one of the most badass action heroes I've ever come across. It's weird to see a movie that truly is ahead of it's time and somehow remains so fresh and alive in the face of modern cinema. Chuck Connors and Bradford Dillman only add to the goofy nihilism.

This is the kind of movie I love most: the movie that inhabits it's own world and never tries to be logical, like ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL and NEVER BACK DOWN for a more recent example. Yet somehow it feels more real than my own life and my surroundings. It got into my head in all the good ways.

I've seen two great movies this weekend: one new, one old. Things are looking up.

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