Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Andy Milligan! Peep on this!

I think Jimmy McDonough is falling on hard times!

Check out this here.


I am selling off a large part of my Andy Milligan collection. These items were in his personal collection and given to me before he passed away in 1991. There are several one-of-a-kind items you won’t find anywhere else in the universe.

--The jewel of the collection is the only known 35mm print in existence of Andy’s 1970 shot-in-England black and white sexploitation opus NIGHTBIRDS, maybe his most personal film. There are a few minimal cuts to the print—I believe this answer print was utilized for a trailer—but nothing major.

--The 1979 35mm workprint/ mag soundtrack (four double reels and one single reel) of HOUSE OF SEVEN BELLES, Andy’s incomplete Civil War horror picture, shot on Staten Island and starring the great Hal Borske (see rare still below). Milligan told me the film was complete save for a finale he was unable to shoot. This is all that exists of the film. The workprint reels bear Andy’s handwritten labels.

--Two 16mm black and white print reels of COMPASS ROSE, Andy’s unfinished satire on the Warhol/Caffe Cino crowd. Features rare footage shot inside the Caffe Cino and stars many Andy regulars: Hal Borske, Annie Linden, Candy Hammond, Gerry Jacuzzo and the late, great Matt Baylor. This is all that exists of the film.

--Extremely rare (and near-pristine condition) two-reel 35mm print of VAPORS, Andy’s legendary 1965 bathhouse epic.

--Color 35mm print of 1970’s GURU, THE MAD MONK.

--Color 35mm print of 1970’s THE BODY BENEATH. Both GURU and BODY have seen some use but seem to be in good shape. No vinegar smell, good color. The BODY print was used for its original VHS release.

--3/4” video masters (circa 1980s) of CANDIDA, NIGHTBIRDS (which Andy had tinted sepia), BODY BENEATH and GURU. Note: these masters were stored away in a shed before they were rescued and the edge of the tape reels have tiny spots of Milliganoid fungus or mold in places. The master of CANDIDA (starring Neil Flanagan) is all that exists of the filmed-in-Staten-Island production.

--Andy’s Nagra and microphone. Yes, the actual recorder used to capture that trademark crappy Milligan sound, at least on the later 35mm films. Can’t vouch for the working order.

I didn’t want to damage any of these materials before a release was undertaken so they have remained intact and generally untouched since I received them. The prints still have their handwritten address label (see photo) for delivery to Andy’s Troupe West theatre.

Please note: I’m not breaking up the lot. It’s the whole enchilada or nothing at all. It is hard for me to part with this stuff, hence the astronomical reserve. I’m certain it’ll piss off Milligan fans—all twelve of you. For various reasons I was unable to unleash this stuff on the world. If there happens to be a winning bidder, I hope they will do just that. I'll provide scans of whatever campaign material I have (see pictures, originals not included) if need be.

No rights are given or implied to the films themselves, just the physical materials.

Payment is due within seven days of auction. The sale is final, no returns.

Please IGNORE THE SHIPPING CHARGE LISTED BELOW. I will ship Fedex insured. Due to the weight, the three 35mm prints will be shipped minus their metal cases unless you want to pay for it. I estimate it'll be four or five boxes worth of stuff and it will be carefully packed. I'll be responsible for anything over $200 for shipping in the US (if the actual cost is less than $200, I'll refund the difference). International will be more, please contact me.


Mike Justice said...

Oh my God, I walk past 3037 Sunset Blvd every day and had NO idea that's where the Troupe theater was. Awesome. By the way, isn't it fitting that Andy Milligan's phone number had a 666 prefix?

California Mod Scene said...

I've been researching 3037 Sunset for some time, and it was interesting to see this.

I think that 3037 may have been Milligan's home address, because there's a house on top of the structure that faces onto Sunset (the old ON Klub, now the Body Bar), and they either shared the same address, or the house was 3037 1/2; I can't recall. The label in the photo is obscured a little.

Was there an actual "Troupe West"? Do you have any info on 3037 Sunset having been an actual theater? I had thought that it was, back in antiquity, but it was a restaurant/nightclub by at least 1979, which is the date on one of those prints.