Saturday, April 11, 2009

Disney Marketing at it's Spectacular Worst.

The worst ad campaign in recent memory was PRIMEVAL.

At what point does that trailer tell you there's a killer crocodile?

In what way does that poster tell you this movie is about a killer crocodile? It's so bad I should pretend that the poster isn't even next to these words.

I go back and forth nowadays between paying attention to what's playing at the multiplex and just ignoring it all, hoping it will go away. But had you told me at the time, Walt Disney, you were releasing a movie about a giant killer crocodile, I'd have been there opening night.

Oddly enough, Miramax Pictures, owned by Walt Disney as well, has just released the worst ad campaign since PRIMEVAL. The Disney marketing machine is really outdoing themselves over there.

At no point does this trailer even hint at the movie you'll see should you choose to go and watch ADVENTURELAND. I figured it was some dopey nu-comedy in the Judd Apatow vein, especially touting SUPERBAD's Greg Motolla direction.

The poster is just as bad. So much so I'm going to pretend it's not even next to these words.

When we complain about modern moviegoing and the shit we have to sit through or what garbage people vote for more of with their box office dollars, remember that ADVENTURELAND played in theaters and you ignored it. Because of that trailer, I almost did too. Please don't be like me. I have seen the light.

This'll probably be the best film I see this year.

Most importantly, it made me happy.

Super special thanks to the MOON IN THE GUTTER "ADVENTURELAND" REVIEW that pointed me in the right direction.

PRIMEVAL poster from I don't frequent the place but they came up first in the Google image search for PRIMEVAL posters. I know nothing about them. They could be satanists.

ADVENTURELAND poster from the kick-ass IMP AWARDS!

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CavedogRob said...

Great stuff! I can't wait for the sequel when they combine the two and create: PRIMEVAL-LAND!