Saturday, November 21, 2009

This ain't about the Sunshine State no more.

Holy shit. We are no longer Florida-based. I live in Austin, TX. How I got here? The most beautiful woman in the world. The easy part? It's Austin, TX. Hell of a movie town. But you already knew that.

Most important is that my friend Jimmy Bickert has renewed his Women In Prison website/encyclopedia. When I first met Jimmy in the early naughts, it was in full swing. He let it go by the wayside (not like my retardedness but for actual adult reasons like career and family) but has recently come back with a vengeance. You meet people in your life who know their shit but rarely do you meet people who apply it with such dedication and talent. Jimmy is that guy.

If you haven't been hip to his resurgence in the WIP genre, please feast your eyes on his return to form. For me, it's equal parts happiness that his unique vision and knowledge is being put to good use and good-natured jealously that someone can actually have this much knowledge and talent.

Personally knowing Jimmy Bickert has made me a better person and a firm believer that sometimes life IS a total blast. I hope you enjoy his important piece of the world wide web.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move, and thanks for the heads up on BIG BUST OUT!

James Bickert said...

What nice goddamn things you have to say! Thank you brother. You will be happy to know I finally got my Vic Diaz tattoo. Hope to talk with you soon and thanks for turning me on to Lunch Meat.