Saturday, July 16, 2011

After The Fall Of Classic Rock.

I was 12 in 1986. Still feeling the effects of Italian post-nuclear apocalypse brought on by 1982 Australian post-apocalypse. Maybe my parents wouldn't take me to see the cheapjack Italian ripoffs but soon they would play on The Movie Channel, when Joe Bob Briggs still mattered and BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE gave you quality time with your college-going, Police-obsessed sister over the summer yet still was boring as shit and you realized that family doesn't mean quality. According to this video, 1989 was the year of the apocalyptic skate punk but unfortunately the closest we got in that year of our Lord was CYBORG. It'd take another year with PRAYER OF THE ROLLERBOYS to even get close and that was a far cry from what BOC was doing 4 years earlier, That's okay. Turn and turn and turn we must.


Zeroplate said...

I rented Brimstone and Treacle from a Japanese video rental store 2 or 3 times in 1989--I was Police-obsessed, but I think I always fell asleep watching it.

Unknown said...

damn I've seen BOC 75+ times since '73 and I didn't even know this video existed! Thanks much~