Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DON'T BLEED ON ME one sheet discovered so what the hell is SPLIT SECOND SMOKEY?

Lurking over at AV MANIACS, I found a thread started by Matthew Allison asking about DON'T BLEED ON ME, which was accompanied by a photo for the film's one-sheet that came from a recent auction on eBay. As Chris Poggiali pointed out in a follow up post on the thread, I had asked before on AV Maniacs if anybody had seen it (and with Chris not having seen it or heard of it, I knew it was pretty obscure).

Now since it really does exist and wasn't a newspaper typo, the plot thickens. How do we find the movie? And will it live up to it's title?

My newest dilemma is what the hell is SPLIT SECOND SMOKEY? I was going through old Miami News movie times from 1978 and came across the title. A Google search turns up a BOXOFFICE magazine (see page 94) from 1978 that announces it's showing in Atlanta in a couple theaters paired with Halicki's GONE IN 60 SECONDS. Could it be a re-title of SMOKEY AND THE GOODTIME OUTLAWS (aka JD AND THE SALT FLAT KID)? Something to do with GREAT SMOKEY ROADBLOCK? Could be an early cut of the POLK COUNTY POT PLANE (aka IN HOT PURSUIT)? Or is it some lost regional drive-in masterpiece?

I've asked my buddy Murphy to hit the microfilm in Hotlanta for some answers and he better come through.

UPDATE-Just found listing for SPLIT SECOND SMOKEY from a 1980 Miami News movie time clock at the Cameo Theatre.


Temple of Schlock said...

Mystery solved!


James Bickert said...

I have this if you need a copy.